I’m so fresh of a graduate of Flatiron School (28th September 2020 to 8th March 2021) that I’m not even sure that I am a graduate yet. However, with my final project review completed and passed, I wanted to run through each phase and talk about what is required, what will be learned, and what especially to remember going forward for future students.

For each Phase, I will look at the following key points:

  • What the project roughly needs to be;
  • The key tools used;
  • The project requirements;
  • What you need to remember during the project; and
  • What to bear…

The late 1960s, enjoying gradual increases year on year in computational power, gave birth to a more recreational form of computing. One particular game, Hamurabi (1968), was a text-based game intended to teach sixth-grade students of America in order to teach them basic economics, commissioned and funded by the U.S. Office of Education.

The interface for Hamurabi, built with the FOCAL programming language.

These games developed in complexity over time, peaked in popularity in the 1980s, then entered a gradual decline as computers well surpassed the computational power required to run these games. Instead, consumers turned to graphics-based games in the 1990s. Today, games such as Grand Theft Auto V…

The gavel is often used as a symbol of the law in the UK. However, you will never find such an object in the hands of a judge in a courtroom.

All of my projects up to and including this point seem to have taken an intensely mathematical, algorithmic perspective of things, even if the project would appear the furthest thing from mathematical at first sight.

For this project, and for my previous project, I did not simply set out to solve a problem which I had invented or provide a service which nobody was asking for, but instead asked people close to me in my life what they would find useful in their own lives and create something which helps them. My previous project was inspired by my girlfriend, a…

I’ve grappled more than once with trying to use PostgreSQL. For one, I wanted to deploy my Ruby on Rails project, but this was not possible with the database I was forced to use, SQLite3.

In this respect, Mac users have the luxury of Homebrew which removes all the heartache of configuring Postgres correctly. Windows users, on the other hand, are left in the dark about the correct approach. Are we supposed to install Postgres like normal, fiddle with pgAdmin 4 and hope for the best?

Hours upon hours were spent trying to unravel this mystery, and the number of…

The Egyptian goddess of medicine holding an ankh to the mouth of Seti I, father of Ramesses II, c. 1275 BC. Pharaohs were believed to be incarnate gods and thus their kingship was literally divine.

The human condition, particularly mortality, has been the focus of mankind for as long as abstract human thought has existed, likely with the dawn of language some time between 50,000 and 100,000 years ago, distinguishing us from all other beasts. That our friends and family will surely die as their ancestors before them did invariably prompted a search for either a reason or a solution, for why we should become diseased, or die, or even why we are born in the first place with minds and wills of our own. …

Trivial Pursuit, anyone?

Most people who know me well would say that I retain knowledge on some of the most useless of topics. Who exactly needs to know that the funny bone is not really a bone at all, but a nerve? Perhaps you, dear reader, did not know that the hash symbol (“#”, occasionally referred to in Twitter-tainted minds as a hashtag) is actually called an octothorpe. If you are an avid poker fan, you might be disheartened to hear that the odds of achieving a royal flush are precisely one in 649,740.

But then, some bits of information that we learn…

The royal history of the United Kingdom, spanning from its humble beginnings of the Kingdom of Wessex to the United Kingdom under the House of Windsor, shows a wild tale of conquest, oppression, scandal, and honour. I therefore took it upon myself to create a Command Line Interface (CLI), built with Ruby, designed to provide a toe-deep tour of who the people were that built this nation, for better or worse, into what it stands to be today.

The Black Prince’s Ruby set within the Imperial State Crown of the United Kingdom. Get it? Ruby?

Putting aside national pride for a moment, let us delve into the project itself and the process involved in crafting this summary…

As a young, scientifically-inclined student, I had gradually developed a fascination with programming, particularly after following someone’s instructions online about how to load and run Tetris on to my brand new TI-84 calculator. My early understanding had been quite rudimentary, however. Less inclined towards designing websites, dreams of being able to create something as simple as Tetris felt oddly empowering. If one could create a game of Tetris from scratch designed for a graphic calculator, what bigger things were possible? I blindly pored over blog posts, programming documentation, and even downloaded compilers so that I might have some hope in…

Oliver Cawthorne

Physics student turned accountant turned software engineering student.

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